Here are some of the best features available for each type. Of course, there are more under the hood.


  • Complete text formatting options
  • Attach images and videos
  • Undo/Redo edits
  • Add Reminder
  • Share notes
  • Random password generator
  • Text-to-speech: Read notes aloud
  • Customizable background themes
  • Custom fonts.
  • Print notes.
  • Save as text(.txt) or pdf file on SD card


  • Best in class scroll experience
  • Complete cell text formatting (bold, italics, background color ... etc)
  • Formula support with entry helper
  • Formulas can reference other formula cells
  • Inserting/Deleting rows and columns with automatic formula range correction
  • Save as excel(.xls) files on SD card
  • Share as excel(.xls) file
  • Add reminders


  • Easy addition and removing of items
  • Drag and sort list item order
  • Sharing support
  • Custom fonts
  • Add reminder
  • Text-to-speech: Read out items
  • Custom list sorting
  • Automatic marking of checklist as completed when all items are checked
  • Save as text(.txt) file on SD card

Shared Notes

  • Share with as many as 10 people
  • Shared editing - changes made by any will get synced to all
  • Any type of note can be shared
  • Unshare any time

View/edit notes in browser

  • Fully secure with same password/pin/pattern as in phone
  • Notepads, checklists and spreadsheets can be edited
  • Login with google for added protection

Other features

  • Password recovery service
  • Archive & Recycle bin to store used up notes
  • Style your SecNotes from 4 available themes
  • Settings - Choose security type
  • Settings - Auto backup/restore
  • Settings - Back up and restore notes to your SD card