Welcome to SecNotes

Most secure android notes app

Password and Pattern and Pin locks

Create notepad, spreadsheet and checklists

Organize notes in folders

Auto-backup to Dropbox

What makes SecNotes special!

Sec Note helps you keep all your personal data secure and safe on your android phone.
You can create notes, spreadsheets(Excel type) and checklists. It is the only app in play
store offering multiple security options like password protection, pattern lock or pin lock.

All notes are stored internally using NSA grade AES128 encryption. That means even if a thief gets
hold of your phone, he won't be able to read any of your notes even if he manages to root it!
There are multiple backup options as well - SD card and Dropbox.
Any changes you make to your notes will be automatically backed up. Backups are
also encrypted and hence are perfectly safe from hackers.

A unique feature is full fledged spreadsheet. It has best in class user interface with smooth scrolling
and also supports formulas. You can keep your finance data fully secure in your phone with SecNotes.


Full featured text editing, background themes, multiple fonts and colors.


With cell formatting, smooth scrolling, formulas and row/column formatting.


Features drag & sort, ticking items, easy addition/removal and duplicate checker.


Organize notes in folders and sub-folders.

Unique Features

  •  Multiple security options

    Password, pin and pattern locks for security.

  •  Best in class Spreadsheets

    Smooth scrolling, formula support and more.

  •  Safest encryption

    All notes are stored using AES128 encryption.
    This standard is used even by NSA for encrypting secrets.

  •  Dropbox integration

    Notes can be backed up automatically to Dropbox.

  •  Database to store your notes

    Unlike other apps which use files to store data, SecNotes
    uses a database. Android app databases are protected
    from access by other apps making your apps fully secure.


A must have, Love it! I had to do a hard reset on my phone twice last time. I was able to retrieve all of my notes easily with backup from sd card with no password or any hassle! I use this app heavily to write down thoughts, finances, talking points, shopping lists & much more! I can't do without this app!

Tom Lapham

Excellent I went trough at least dozen of like apps before I found this one. So far everything is great. Considering all the great features that are in it really deserves 5 other of 5. Thank you

Rostislav Shternberg