How to transfer notes from one phone to another

There are 3 ways to do this -

1. Using premium backup (Easiest way).

  • In the new phone, enable premium backup. It will ask you to login and give the app permissions. Use the same google account you used in your previous phone. All notes will be synced to be in exact state as in the old phone.

2. Using dropbox backup.
  • In old phone, from SecNotes settings, configure dropbox backup. You will need to give permissions in dropbox to create the backup file.
  • Login to dropbox and verify that backup was created. Please check the date to ensure its latest.
  • Configure dropbox for SecNotes in the new phone and use the "Restore notes from dropbox" option.

2. Copying backup file from phone sd card.
  • Use the "Create backup file" option to create a backup file in your old phone. You will be asked to select a location to store the file (secnotes.db.sq).
  • Connect the old phone to a PC and copy this file.
  • Connect the new phone and copy to it somewhere.
  • Set the same password as old phone and use the "Restore notes from backup file" option in settings. It will prompt you to select the file you copied.